Our Mission

Our Mission

The Global Classroom is dedicated to wildlife conservation, Earth stewardship and personal growth by providing experiential field work opportunities around the globe.

Our Values

Conservation efforts are desperately needed in response to the rapid, global loss of biodiversity and growing threats against the planet’s species and natural habitats. We believe that volunteers and students are an integral part of this work, and our work, in the field. We believe in fostering human connection and building the bridges which allow for cross-cultural understanding.

Our Approach

How do we accomplish our mission?

• Conserving and protecting critical wilderness areas to ensure safe, healthy, and natural environments for threatened and endangered species.

• Raising awareness of peak conservation concerns and species threats.

• Placing students in remote village home-stays to assist with community development projects and education, and foster greater cross-cultural understanding.

• Conducting crucial field research of endangered species.

• Empowering young adults to take an active role in conservation and community issues through volunteering.

• Promoting personal growth through group building and individual experiences.

• Creating a sense of global community for students and volunteers, instilling a sense of ownership of and responsibility for our planet.

Our Vision

Our vision is the expansion of our grassroots movement, designed to positively alter global attitudes towards the environment and biodiversity. Our vision includes a global community that lives in harmony with the Earth and all its inhabitants , where the fragile web of life is not threatened by rampant and unrestrained human development. We envision a world where the welfare of all its inhabitants is considered in the frame of global progress.