Experiential Learning

The Global Classroom is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a goal of wildlife conservation and education. Our primary focus is research and the preservation of endangered ecosystems. We value hands-on experiential learning as a means to personal growth and expansion. It is our belief that when we do what we love, we change the world. We strive to empower others to find what it is that they really care about and live a life in harmony with their passions.

We recognize that global change starts at an individual level. The Global Classroom has won multiple awards for its life-changing local and international programs including cross-cultural immersion, conservation projects, big cat research, rain forest studies and community outreach in remote villages around the world.

Focusing on youth both in the United States and abroad, the Global Classroom programs foster self-esteem and self-reliance, using experience to teach valuable life skills. The Global Classroom creates an environment that encourages young people to strive for a healthier attitude and lifestyle, creating a brighter future for themselves and the planet. Our diverse collection of mentors and leaders represent colorful mix of skills ranging from growing healthy organic food to installing alternative energy; from documentary film-making to trade skills such as carpentry and auto mechanics. Internationally, our participants are involved in a wide range of “full-immersion” community service projects, such as building much-needed schools in remote villages, conserving water for agricultural use, and reforestation of previously devastated areas now prone to deadly landslides. As a direct result of our projects, hundreds of young people have engaged in valuable projects around the world, some finding themselves sitting side by side with the likes of Jane Goodall, Sir David Attenborough and the Dalai Lama. Our greatest reward at the Global Classroom is to witness our students entering the workforce locally or internationally, impacting fields that they are truly passionate about.

Top Down Conservation Model

At the Global Classroom, we strive to act as a model of ethical and sustainable land use. From the beginning, our stewards have implemented a unique land use ethic at our research sites: “top down conservation.” Inspired by the jaguar and other cats that call our rainforest reserve home, our goal is to maintain a wild and healthy ecosystem that supports apex predators, indicator species who act as a means of monitoring ecosystem stability. The Global Classroom maintains a “one day on, one day off” policy, meaning that any length of time our reserve is occupied by humans is matched in time that it is vacant. It is through this policy that we strive for balance between sharing the magic of nature with others, and keeping ecosystems wild for the species who call our reserve home.

Want to Get Involved? Here’s How You Can Help!

Each year the Global Classroom strives to make positive impacts on people and wild ecosystems in ways that contribute to a better, healthier planet; and our projects require many hands! However, our programs are not for everyone. They require self-motivated volunteers who are willing to unplug from fast-paced society and leave behind the comforts of home. You do not need special skills or experience to join one of our programs. What matters most is your passion for conservation, and enthusiasm to make the world a better place.

Over the years our volunteers have saved hundreds of acres of rainforest from destruction, maintained habitats home to endangered species, and delivered school and medical supplies to communities in need. The Global Classroom continues to make a positive impact because of our volunteers, each of whom decided to step outside the box and contribute something meaningful.

We have many projects that need your help, from mangrove studies and whale conservation in Mexico, to big cat and wild dog conservation in Africa. We invite you to make the leap. Make a difference. You won’t regret it.

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