Every whale saved, every acre of rainforest protected, and every new species discovered has been because people like you made a tax deductible donation to our non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. On average, 15-20% of donations to most nonprofits go directly to the project they are intended for. The rest are used for overhead, such as office space, wages and bills. At the Global Classroom, 100% of our staff are volunteer, and we guarantee that your donation goes directly to the project you choose, with no overhead. You can rest assured that your donation goes directly to making a difference.

Please consider contributing to the Global Classroom through our secure Paypal link, or send your tax deductible donation now.  Any donation over $500 will receive a beautiful 8×10 photo of your choice, taken by conservation photographer and founder of the Global Classroom, Colin Garland. His work is found throughout this website, and in the photo gallery. More images can be found at our sister website:

Please use our Paypal link or mail your tax deductible donation today:

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We have much to do still and every bit helps. Here is a list of projects that need your help.

Whale Entanglement Rescue Boat, training and equipment. $15,000. Click here to see our Song for the Ocean music video starring Kristin Hoffmann.

Rainforest Conservation and Reforestation in Costa Rica. $1,500 saves an acre with your name on it.

Big Cat Research Project in South Africa.

Sponsor a Low Income Student Volunteer and assist them in joining one of our international conservation projects, giving them a gift that will not only change their lives, but will make a positive impact for our planet.