Rural Education and Outreach

For years the Global Classroom has been providing life-changing experiences for both interns and local people living in remote villages of Baja, Mexico and other locations. Words cannot convey the deep connection and life changing moments that occur when you live with a rural family in one of the remote tranquil fishing villages of Baja California. Since 1991, Global Classroom has been dedicated to delivering thousands of pounds of medical, school and educational supplies each year to villages damaged from hurricanes or simply too remote for the government to reach. Over the years hundreds of volunteers have shared their time and skills with local children teaching things like conversational English, physical education, and art. Volunteers have also helped us construct composting toilets, assisted with basic first aid training, repaired houses and roads, and joined forces to participate in huge beach clean-ups. No previous training or Spanish is needed to be an intern/volunteer in these villages, just an open adventurous spirit. The people in these villages are so friendly and generous, we can promise you that by day two of your stay, you will be hand in hand with the children, exploring secret spots, and fishing. You may even find yourself milking one of the goats and learning how to make cheese. Projects are located in the villages of Santo Domingo on the west side of the peninsula and in Agua Verde, one of the most picturesque, remote seaside villages in Baja.

To learn more about how you can get involved, please visit our sister site.