Aula Global Reserve

A Success Story

Global Classroom has been actively involved in the conservation of Costa Rica’s rainforests for many years.¬†Thanks to the hard work of many dedicated volunteers, we successfully raised close to one million dollars to protect nearly 700 acres of threatened rainforest, creating the Aula Global Biological Reserve, preserving a critical biological corridor.

This wild, untamed collection of streams, old growth and secondary forest is alive and vibrant today thanks to thousands of individuals who believed in our mission. Aula Global Reserve is a safe haven to the plethora of species found there; and as a group of curious elementary students from Massachusetts with a keen eye for insects discovered, some are yet unknown to science! With the help of many hands, Aula Global was equipped with a solar system, composting toilet, and grey water system, rendering it both a fully functioning and eco-friendly research station. Click on the links below for more information and to learn how you can become involved:

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